Dave Borncamp

Dave Borncamp

Sr Research & Instrument Analyst on HST/ACS



  • 2011 - BA Astronomy @ CU Boulder
  • 2013 - AS Computer Programming and Geographic Information Systems @ FRCC
  • 2016 - MS Computer Science @ Towson University


  • 2010 - 2013: Southwest Research Institute
    • Research on Pluto & Kuiper Belt Objects
    • New Horizons mission support

  • 2013 - Present Space Telescope Science Institute

Functional Work

  • Dark Analysis
  • Geometric Distortion
  • Flat Fields
  • ACS Pipeline

Dark Analysis

Look at how individual pixels evolve over time

Geometric Distortion

With Vera Platais - ACS has pretty bad distortions...

Before distortion correction
After distortion correction

Flat Fields

Polarizers are complicated but cool

Polarizer Flats

ACS Reference File Pipeline

Maintain a piepline that REALLY needs to be rewritten

Science Work

  • New Horizons
    • Pluto
    • Kuiper Belt Objects
  • Cosmic Rays
  • Frontier Fields


Occultations of Pluto

Pluto Occultation

New Horizons

Searched for new KBOs for it to look at after Pluto encounter

25.6 Mag object
HST search field

Cosmic Rays

Science with calibration images!


Frontier Fields

Frontier Fields pipeline team

Abell 370

Thats it for now