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Me Currently:

I am currently Chief Software Architect for the Non-Conventional Imaging area and a Principal Software Engineer at Ball Aerospace. In this role, I architect distributed systems to include embedded systems and allow for high code reuse across the company.

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I was formerly a Software Developer at Decipher Technology Solutions where I work on microservice development. I have been using mostly Java, Scala, and Golang to expand the microservices offered byDecipher.My main focus so far has been on Natural Language Processing where I have prototyped, designed, and produced several micro services. However, I have created many other services and libraries in a variety of languages including a Python SDK, a GoLang implementation of a user access control server, NiFi custom processors and flows, and many more.

Previous Functional Work

Previously, I was a Senior Research and Instrument Analyst at Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) where I work on the Hubble Space Telescope's Advanced Camera for Surveys instrument team. My work mostly focuses on instrument calibrations to keep the camera producing the highest possible quality data.

At STScI I primarily use Python and IDL for exploratory data analysis and software development Using Python and IDL enables me to regularly perform advanced studies of the detector's health which include investigations into several parts of the detector such as:

My Previous Research

For my science, I mainly focus on characterizations of Pluto and Kuiper Belt Objects. This came out of my degree in Astronomy at the University of Colorado where I worked with Marc Buie at Southwest Research Institute to characterize Pluto and discover KBO's for the New Horizons Mission to look at after it passes Pluto.

A list of my publishing’s can be found on The Astrophysics Data System.